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The unprecedented rise on cryptocurrency has seen the introduction of regulations that are taking shape. Introducing regulations reduces uncertainty to give a significant boost to trading activities and coin prices.  

- Since 2008 -

The greatest choice you’ll be proud of.


Bitcoinswitch LTD is an company registered in the United States providing its investment services to the members all around the world.


We understand how important having reliable support service is to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns and we will get back to you in no time.


All data on financial operations as well as personal data are effectively protected with EV SSL certificates and additional services on encryption of data transfer.



We don’t require identity verification. Information about your activity on the website is private and can’t be accessed by third parties.

Try it Yourself

No professional trader was born a sniper, It all come through

practice that’s why we have put in place different tools to make it easier for you to understand how to trade

Play it forward

Don’t have any idea about bitcoin ? This is for you.

The Bitcoin News

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Contact support to get your Bitcoinswitch VISA card.

It works on all ATM and can be used for any kind of transaction.

Bitcoinswitch is the preferred choice for automated traders. Our order matching engine located in the New York Equinix NY4 data centre processes over 500,000 trades per day with over two thirds of all trades coming from automated trading systems.

Client Review


Trading with Bitcoinswitch have been the best decision I've made. I've been lifted from being broke to a stage where I can help others all thanks to Bitcoinswitch for their support so far.

Marci Gregory


I started trading online when I was 21 years old and I have traded with many platforms but Bitcoinswitch is one of a kind. I can say the best I have used so far.

James Adams

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